🏒Fee Structure

The fee structure for traders' positions routed through the Bitoro Network aggregator to a third-party underlying leveraged trading protocol is as follows:

Bitoro charges position fees for both opening and closing positions, which are fixed at 0%-0.05% depending on the market. These fees are calculated as follows:

  • Open Fee: 0.03% Γ— Asset Price Γ— Position Size

  • Close Fee: 0.03% Γ— Asset Price Γ— Position Size

Bitoro does not impose additional fees or payments for funding, liquidation, or spreads on top of the fees charged by the underlying protocols. The Bitoro Aggregator Engine is designed to route traders' orders in a manner that minimizes the overall cost of opening and closing positions.

Please note that the fees mentioned above do not include position fees assessed by the underlying protocols themselves, which may vary according to their specific terms and conditions. Currently, all market/taker trades on Orderbook also incur a 0.03% base fee assessed by Orderly Network (no base fee on orders/maker trades). This fee is likely to decrease over time as more volume is processed through Bitoro's Orderbook.

We are committed to maintaining this information as up-to-date as possible to ensure transparency.

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